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2 Tier 20 Light Fallow Deer Antler Chandelier

2 Tier 20 Light Fallow Deer Antler Chandelier
    Code: 2T2LFDAC
    Elen Importing and Designs Inc.- We offer Petrified Wood, Petrified Wood Tables, Slabs, Rounds, Sinks, Fossils, Teak Wood Carvings, Teak Root Furniture, Black Forest Carvings Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps and Candle Holders, Quartz Crystals and Minerals, and more

    This is an amazing Fallow Deer Chandelier! All wires are carefully hidden and routed through the antlers! The chandelier represents superior European craftsmanship and design. This is a true masterpiece!

    The chandelier uses 36 fallow deer antlers and has 20 lights.

    The dimensions are: 60" high x 50" wide"

    Please, contact us for prices, shipping quotes or if you have any questions either

    by email: or toll-free at 1-800-319-9145

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